About Me

I am an experienced journalist and commissioning editor, currently working as as a freelance consultant and editor. I am available for commissions and am actively seeking new and exciting employment opportunities. I am able to deliver tight, engaging and reliable content on a wide range of topics across various media platforms. My specialist skills include feature writing, editing, news-sourcing, publications, InDesign, project management and soliciting content.

My most recent role was as the publications manager to four community magazines in Yorkshire. The magazines – Bingley Matters, Hebden Bridge Matters, Ilkley Matters and Skipton Matters –  reflected their respective areas through community submitted news and feature stories. As Publications Manager I acted as a commissioning editor, responsible for all content including photos and written copy. I also took responsibility for the editing of each article prior to publication, as well as producing occasional features myself.  The magazines had an estimated combined readership of over 100,000, with contributions coming from over 300 individuals and organisations.

Prior to my role at hibu I was heavily involved in the formation and development of HowDo!? Magazine, a free cultural magazine based in Bradford. In a matter of months we transformed a fag packet concept into an established publication with an estimated 20,000 readers every month. This gave me a grounding in management, marketing, and design, as well as a working understanding of localised journalism.

I graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in May 2012 with a First Class Degree in Journalism. The course focused on several media platforms, giving me an up-to-date understanding of print, online, TV and radio journalism as well as PR and media law.

This website showcases a selection of my work from my time at university through to my present role. I am always looking for ways to further my career and learn new skills. If you would like to contact me regarding work opportunities or to use any of the content on this site please call me on 07887244898 or email haighsimpson@googlemail.com